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In 2011, Aleta had the idea to display the uniform her dad wore during his service in WWII as a way to honor him and others who had served. This one uniform on display seemed a little too small for important occasion, so we went to our local American Legion to see if we could get anyone else to help us out and loan their uniform for our display. We were given ten names and which yielded 23 uniforms. Since 2011, the event has grown bigger than we could have imagined! On average we now display over 150 uniforms along with countless photographs, artifacts and other memorabilia.


To celebrate the remembrance of all military persons, past and present, we remove all of our merchandise and display pictures, uniforms and memorabilia loaned to us by those they represent. Thousands have visited the display throughout the years. All who come are amazed by the display of uniforms and artifacts and proud to honor those who serve. We have had items from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and from many who are still serving today. All provide a good reminder of our history and the sacrifice that has gone into protecting our freedom. Our Memorial Day Celebration has been and always will be our way of honoring those who serve our great country!

We still proudly display the uniform a Staff Sergeant Delmore H Mitch (Aleta's dad) along with his metals, maps and papers. We are proud of him and his service! 

display your items

Every year we are honored to get new items loaned to us for display & are always very careful to protect and return all items to their owners. If you or someone you know has served in the military and would like to submit uniforms or artifacts for display please contact us! 




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